Sunday, July 18, 2010

Helens Fest 2010

Ken O. Bonn (myself), David Anderson, and Preston Peterson coordinated the first annual Helens Fest. See the link for details, I'm focussing this blog entry mostly on photos.

DAY 0: My solo reconnaisance ride for Butte Camp and surrounding area trails.

Huge washout along the Toutle trail.

Tough climb out of the washout.

Washout along the Toutle trail.

Toutle trail.

Day 1: Ride I led up Ape Canyon to Windy Ridge visitor center.

Pat Sprouse by Ape Canyon.

Sherry Alviar and Rolland Waters goofing off at overlook along Plains of Abraham.

Group snack break, view from Plains of Abraham to Mount St Helens.

Group lunch break, just before Windy Ridge.

Aaron Ochsner on stairs, Windy Ridge.

Windy Ridge.

Ken O. Bonn on stairs, Windy Ridge.

Aaron Ochsner refilling water, Plains of Abraham.

Mount St Helens from Plains of Abraham.

Ape Canyon.

Ape Canyon and Mt Adams.

Ape Canyon and Mt Adams.

Aaron Ochsner cruising by precipice along Ape Canyon.

Lahar in foreground of Mount St Helens.

Day 2: Trail work on Kalama ski trail.

Whitney Maxwell making trail work look glamorous.

Trail workers in peril of being run over by elderly horseback riders with a death wish.

Mountain bikers repairing Kalama ski trail.

Day 3: Lower Smith Creek. Ride led by Robert Kulp, co-led by Dave Webb and myself, mechanical support from Tim of Camas Bikes.

Whitney Maxwell all smiles on her first mountain bike ride. Superstar!

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