Friday, July 21, 2006

Lima, Peru!

I arrived in Lima Peru late at nite. Miguel and friends were supposed to have met me at the airport, supposedly arriving an hour before me. After waiting an hour and a half, it was evident they were not there. So I called customer service, paged Miguel. Some asshole taxi driver pretended to know Miguel and said they were at the hotel and had already paid for my taxi to the hotel. One helluva expensive taxi ride, but I arrived at the Hotel El Ejecutivo in Mira Flores, which actually was a nice part of Lima. Got a good nites rest and breakfast at the hotel was nice, but simple. People at the hotel were really nice, and there was free internet. I was able to email Miguel who confirmed that they were stuck in Miami and so we will meet up the next day.

At least I was clever enough to buy a really good bottle of Rum, that was essential for the festivities the next day...

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