Sunday, July 02, 2006

Mission Ridge and Chikamin

I met up with Clancy, Deb, and Brian at a campsite in Leavenworth. Two nights of camping under the stars, no tent, just open sky and a beautiful starry night.

Saturday we shuttled Mission Ridge. Very fun singletrack, a few climbs, just enough to keep us somewhat honest. After doing Mission Ridge, I don't know if I'll ever go back to the neighboring trail, Devils Gulch, this is much better. A swim in the river in Cashmere was all we needed to get clean and cool off. Later, dinner at Visconti's Italian Ristorante in Leavenworth was very good, I'll never go back to Gustav's.

Sunday, we shuttled again! At the top of the road to Chikamin Ridge, midway up Chikamin Tie, I realized I locked my bike to Brian's car and left the key in my car at the bottom of the trail. Doh! So, I gave everybody almost an hour head start as I drove down to retrieve my keys. I went into hyperdrive to catch them, which made for a thrill ride, as Chikamin Tie is very fast to begin with. Halfway down Minnow Ridge I caught up with the group. Still pumped, I cruised along and passed two other groups before doubling back up Minnow Ridge to ride with my friends. We continued down Lower Chiwawa. There was a creek crossing almost up to our knees, rather unavoidable as the bridge seems to have washed out years ago. Finished at Alder Creek Trailhead. The day was perfect to hit Lake Wenatchee for a swim afterwards and drink some hard Lime.

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