Saturday, August 26, 2006

Whistler XC + DH Riding!

Ethan and I headed up North on Friday nite. Too late to buy beer for the campground, we hit the Grizzly bar in Squamish. I think we hit it just fine, closed the bar. Got into camp around 2:30 AM, so we bailed on the tents and just slept under the stars.

Saturday, Ethan and I rode Kill Me Thrill Me trail just a few miles north of Whistler. Afterwards we capped it off with a few hours on Comfortably Numb as an out and back. What was it we were screaming from the top of a cliff down to the rafting party?

Saturday nite was memorable :). We hit Earls bar in Whistler, very cool place and great food. Afterwards we hit another bar for a couple pitchers and we managed to make a lot of friends with our neighbors at the other tables, esp Joanie with the fine fine ass. So... we left them at the bar but at least we did a public service by stoking the flames for the friendly couples. We stayed at the Alpenglow, which I thought was very good accomodations especially for the low price that it was.

Sunday hangover breakfast we discovered that when you order a crepe, you get a crepe. Didn't matter, loss of appetite and this just made it easier to focus on the coffee. Once the coffee kicked in, we did too, and had a great day of downhillin at Whistler. I get a lot of comments by taking a Ellsworth Moment to the bike park, but wow, Ethan gets a lot of credit for riding the park with a 5 inch suspension. Finished the weekend up at the Longhorn before driving back to Seattle, got home super late but it was all worth the trip.

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