Friday, September 15, 2006

Beaver Lake: Microsoft Day of Caring

60 of my colleagues and myself spend the day doing trailwork at Beaver Lake. This was my first time there. The trails were in fine condition, for MTB singletrack. The goal was to make the trails better for multi-use, including horsies and hikers. Half of my coworkers focussed on a new parking lot area, where they did a lot of landscaping. The rest of us hit the trails. Most of us doing trailwork were trimming the sticker bushes (salmon berry bushes or whatever). Despite the multi use, there was not much horse crap. Next time I would like to see a bunch of rakes, as that would have made cleaning the trail of dead organic matter a bit easier. Lunch was provided and we all got XL t-shirts. This made for a very nice day. I think we only hit about a quarter of the trails, but that is fine because the trails were really not that bad condition to begin with.

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