Sunday, November 26, 2006

Ironhorse in a snowstorm

Ethan and I rode from North Bend up to Rattlesnake Lake, and connected to the Ironhorse Trail for a round trip of 26.6 miles in 3.5 hours. Conditions were very rainy, windy, snow, sleet, and cold. There were actually quite a bit of, well, lack of precipitation, I would hesitate to call it the occasional clear skies, but some was found. We had a great time, who knew that a ride up the Ironhorse trail could have the word "extreme" in it? It is a beginner ride, but the weather was a bit extreme to be out for 3.5 hours, so we are calling it a fine day!

Waking up in the morning was a bit ominous, there was enough snow in my neighborhood that they had to drag out Mr. Plow!

Conditions were so bad that people were chaining up before North Bend! I literally passed hundreds of cars that were putting on chains. I think they just did not know how to drive, but to some extent is an indication of the weather.

One of many bridge crossings.

I get to make first tracks.

And Ethan gets to make first tracks as well.

Just imagine close to 30 miles of this. Add in your frequent rain snow and sleet and I wonder what could be finer (other than drinks afterwards)?

This posting seems to be limited to only 6 pictures. I will try to upload more later if possible. We got some great pictures of riding in the snow, but, you get the picture?

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