Sunday, November 26, 2006

Transrockies Week 1 Training

This is my first actual weekly summary of training. I will try to make it more interesting as the weeks progress. Actual stories of some of the rides can be found from the blog posts a day or two before.

Mon Nov 20 - skipped day. Excuse: 5 hour lunch break for cleat adjustment. Got almost 3 hours of personal coaching from Matt Hill who has done TR twice and Transalps once.
Tue Nov 21 - skipped day. Excuse: had to make up work for slacking on Monday
Wed Nov 22 -2 hours 15 minutes.
Rode to Rattlesnake lake and back in the morning before work. Roughly 30 miles of gravel and road riding.
Thanksgiving Th Nov 23 -2 hours 20 minutes.
From my house I took the back way from Millpond road to Reinig into North Bend, a little of SVT, and then the gate to Mt Si, for a strong hour. Then 15 minutes to the base of Teneriffe. The ride back rounded out the time for 2 hours 20 minutes. Conditions were very rainy and windy, in the dark, and hit just about snow level. Perfect training ride for base fitness.
Fri Nov 24 - Skipped day. Excuse: Sister visiting
Sat Nov 25 - 1 hours.
Tiger climb, quite a bit of snow past the 2 mile mark
Sun Nov 26 - 3.5 hours. North Bend past Rattlesnake Lake and almost to McLellum Butte. 26.6 miles. Snowy, Sleet, driving wind, cold, and rain added to the ride.

Total: 9 hours training.

Analysis: definitely fell short on time, 6 hours from goal. Must get training hours in early week so as to ensure goal attainable by end of week, especially considering lame'o excuses due to social obligations and work and shopping. Need to do more rides in 3+ hour range. Despite short time, good work on speed and riding in horrible conditions. Good discipline on taking care of equipment (clothes and bike) right after riding so as to ensure preparations for next rides.

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