Sunday, February 11, 2007

Transrockies Week 12 Training

Total 6 hours

Well, the ride with Doug was encouraging, because we pushed hard for 4 hours on a beautiful day, and got some great singletrack riding in. Unfortunately, my arches are aching. It could have started from the two days of telemark skiing (flexible leather boots, lot of pressure on the arches), and especially from spin classes where you are out of the saddle most of the time.

At any rate, despite having low hours of training recently, it is time to see a podiatrist and change my style of training to be less stress on the arches. One thing that is critical is stretching the calves, as that pulls on the arches. I bought a few massage toys to do that. A few days of rest and ibuprofen are in order for next week. I bought new arch supports as well. I may stop going to spin class for a bit, and do training on home trainer and outside, where focus is on pedalling while seated, maybe that will be less strain on the calves and arches.

Mon Feb 5 1 hr
Spin class. Moderate intensity. Metatarsals were aching, somewhat of a shift to the arches to alleviate the pain. This could be the cause of perceived plantar fascitis (see sunday)
Tue Feb 6
day off.
Wed Feb 7 1 hr
Spin class. Intense, pushed hard.
Th Feb 8
day off, visited with Miguel and Charla and Jenny in Renton.
F Feb 9
day off, visitied with Chad and Armando.
Sat Feb 10 4 hours
Rode with Doug from Snoqualmie Ridge down to
Sun Feb 11 Day off.
Arches ache! I've been ignoring the pain in my feet for a few weeks, but its come to a head. Some say it is plantar fascitis, so I am stretching the calves and massaging the feet. Hoping this is a temporary thing.

Week 11 training is omitted (Mon Jan 29 - Sun Feb 4). Due to 12 hr days at work and visitor from out of state I was unable to train that week.

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