Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Southwest vacation plans

Plans are not finalized yet. I am looking for one or two riders to join me on this adventure. Contact me via email, if you do not know my email just enter a comment. Thanks.

Update: I may reverse the order of the whole trip so that the high altitude riding is at the end, in case snow needs extra time to melt.

I've been to Moab twice, so the 5 days of riding there will be the classics, in whatever order we choose on a daily basis. Options such as Poison Spider, LaSalles, Porcupine Rim, etc.

Bryce Canyon / Flagstaff / Moab / Kokopelli / Fruita

10 days of vacation time

  • Fri Apr 27. Leave Seattle (after work, 6 pm drive start)
  • Sat Apr 28. Bryce Canyon (16 hrs drive, arrive 10 AM) Red Canyon unwind
  • Sun Apr 29. Thunder Mountain
  • M Apr 30. Gooseberry Mesa (St George UT, 2 hours drive from Bryce)
  • T May 1. Flagstaff, AZ (5 hrs drive time, do it after Gooseberry ride). ??? for actual ride. Thinking maybe just a hike on North Rim of Grand Canyon.
  • W May 2. Mount Elden Loop, Flagstaff. 3-5 hr ride, expert level.
  • Th May 3. The Peaks Loop, Flagstaff. 46 miles, all day ride. high elevation. End of day or next morning, drive to Moab (5 hrs drive).
  • F May 4. Moab, easy spin around Slickrock trail
  • Sat-Mon May 5-7. 3 days of Kokopelli with Doug. 1.5 hours drive for return to Moab from Fruita CO
  • T May 8. Moab
  • W May 9. Moab
  • Th May 10. Moab
  • F May 11. Moab
  • Sat May 12. Moab. Drive back to Seattle. Start 4 pm, 16 hrs drive, home at 8 AM Sunday.
  • Sun May 13. Back in Seattle, sleep...

Drive planner maps:

Snoqualmie WA to Bryce Canyon UT

Its a lot of hard riding planned, a lot of time away from work, and a lot of time with kenobonn, so don't be surprised if I want to ride with you first before we agree that we are suitable travel buddies. All I want to do is drive, sleep, ride and maybe see the grand canyon by bike or foot, so no downtime for licking your wounds from the day before, although rides can change on a daily basis at our mutual discretion.

All rides posted are tentative, so I can be flexible as to what trails to hit. My criteria is I want to do some riding in the 8-10,000 ft elevation range (Bryce area and Flagstaff), and some riding in 90+ degree heat (Moab). Note that some days can be factored in for shorter rides for recovery if needed.

The one thing that is set in stone is the days of Kokopelli with Doug. We agreed it is just the two of us doing that 3 day part of the trip, so that is a good opportunity for you to hang in Moab and do your own thing. I sorta expect others to be in the area, so you may be able to hook up with other riders.

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Doug Walsh said...

Pretty awesome plan. I hope you're still impressed with Kokopelli once we get to it. Good luck finding a partner, that's always tricky. We're going to be finalizing our plans in the coming days and will keep you posted.