Sunday, July 19, 2009

Butte Camp Trail work party on Mt St Helens

15+ Hikers from Mt St Helens Institute worked with 5 bikers from Northwest Trail Association and Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance for two days to repair and ensure sustainability of Butte Camp Trail on Mt St Helens.

I don't have everybody's names to thank (please add in comments anybody I missed, I know I missed a few, sorry), but here are a few of the people who made this trip fun and productive:

  • Rick Richards, Hailey Heath, Brent, Amy, Paul, and Henry from Mt St Helens Institute. Henry has been doing trail work for well over 10 years, and is a welcome addition to MSHI. Henry mentored us on trail building techniques which was very eye opening. Everybody did a great job at giving a presentation on tool usage and safety, including special safety requirements for bikers. They broke up into manageable groups so as to supervise everybody. Rick carried a huge pack for camping gear which seems to have included items shared by everybody who did the backcountry camping.
  • David Anderson from NWTA for inviting me (Ken O. Bonn) to the event and for coordinating his organization. Although I've worked with MSHI and NWTA before (I represent Evergreen), it was David's encouragement that motivated me to attend this event. David has been working tirelessly to promote good stewardship of Mt St Helens and working with recognized organizations such as Mt St Helens Institute, Evergreen Mt Biking Alliance, and the forest service.
  • Jerry, Andrea, and David II, also from NWTA. These folks pushed ahead early on their bikes with a BOB trailer carrying heavy trail equipment, effectively doing their own work party an hour ahead of the official work party. They cleared some of the stuff ahead of us, and made a huge fix to a dangerous section.
  • Emily, Jennifer, and Anne from Kalama. Quite the athletic and fun family, I really enjoyed having lunch with you before you set out on clearing trail.
  • Paul brought his son Dillon from Oklahoma as they enjoyed their vacation time doing trail work some days and visiting the beach the next day.
  • Joe and Dawn, originally from Hawaii. They were part of the crew that camped out at Butte Camp before the second day of trail work.
  • Lance brought an upbeat attitude to the group and worked hard with us.
  • Honorable mention goes out to Doug, who chose to do trail work on his 67th birthday with us and later celebrating in town with his wife!

I could have done a better job at taking photos of y'all, looks like I only got the bikers in the photos, but a few others took group shots. Next time I'll get that camera out more!

My next work party will be on the 25th at Norway Pass, but please check the Mt St Helens Institute calendar for opportunities that suit you! Also, check out the Mt St Helens Institute for other events beyond work parties, as they do much for education of the volcano.

Heading out for trail work on Butte Camp Trail at Mt St Helens

Lupens lining Butte Camp Trail

David pushing BOB trailer loaded with tools up steep section of trail

Jerry, Andrea, and David II happy that they fixed a very dangerous section of trail

Riding Butte Camp Trail near the trailhead

Riding Butte Camp Trail near the trailhead

Riding Butte Camp Trail near the trailhead

Fixing dangerous yet beautiful section of trail

Fixing wiped out section of Butte Camp Trail almost at top where it intersects with Loowit Trail

Almost at Loowit Trail

Sketchy Butte Camp Trail is gorgeous!

Mt St Helens from Butte Camp Trail, near the trailhead

Returning on Butte Camp Trail

Returning on Butte Camp Trail

Mountain Bikers and Hikers worked together to keep this trail open and sustainable!


Hailey Heath said...

Ken- What an awesome shout out for MSHI, NWTA and the volunteers over the weekend. Thank you!! Hope you have in the Mount Margaret this weekend. Hailey

kenobonn said...

My pleasure, it was great to see you last weekend Hailey! I'm on my way now for the Mt Margaret trip.