Saturday, July 04, 2009

Mount Saint Helens - Coldwater TH

Basically, just 7 miles short of Johnston Ridge Observatory (you might want to call them for trail conditions, (360) 274-2140). Use your favorite mapping software to get to 24000 Spirit Lake Memorial Hwy Toutle, WA 98649.

  • From Snoqualmie, take Hwy 18 South for 28 miles.

  • Take I-5 South for 79 miles. If you need gas or food, last decent chance is in Centralia (Subway, Starbucks, and Safeway near the exit).

  • Take exit 63 to get on Hwy 505 towards Winlock/Toledo. Follow for 17 miles.

  • Turn Left onto Hwy 504 (Spirit Lake Memorial Hwy) for 28 miles to Coldwater Observatory (closed).

  • Two miles past the observatory is Coldwater Lake. This has a pier with a nice view of the lake. Also, clean bathrooms with running water.

  • Go 1.5 miles past the lake to reach the trailhead, which is on the left just before a bridge.

Estimated Time: 3 hours. Distance: 156 miles

From the Coldwater Observatory (closed), go past it towards Johnston Ridge Observatory. Shortly past that, take the trailhead on the left.

BBTC Trails - Coldwater to Mt Margaret

Coldwater trailhead. Take trail 230A to trail 230 to trail 1

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