Sunday, December 31, 2006

Fireroad damage to Poo Poo Point

This is why I love fireroad climbing in the wintertime. Who can resist the challenge of bursting your lungs on a climb with the snow by the road? You know the reward here is a very fast descent. Poo Poo Point alternates climbing and descending, it is not entirely easy on the return.

The fireroads around Tiger Mountain are getting hit hard this year by the wind storms and especially erosion from the heavy rains. I've noticed along the climb to the towers on Tiger there is some heavy erosion from a steep hillside that is beginning to eat the road a little bit. Just a matter of time before it takes a heavy bite out of it.

The image below shows some minor damage to the fireroad leading up to Poo Poo Point, a favorite for paragliders. I would recommend leaving this tree alone, it is just a minor obstacle to the ride.

The last two images are at the 5 mile marker. Due to the washout, the road is closed to vehicles but a bike can get around it. Close to the edge, it looks like it wants to shear off even more road, so don't tempt fate by getting close to the edge.

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