Sunday, December 31, 2006

Transrockies week 6 Training

This week was a return to training after the annoyingly bad training during the power outage. Not a very high number of hours total, but effort put in was quality training time, so I felt good about this week.

Total 9.5 hours riding and 5.5 hours trailwork for a grand total of 15 hours of exercise.

Mon Dec 25 2.5 hours
Rode to base of Teneriffe. 58 minutes to the gate, was two minutes faster than nominal time. Once at the base, it was late and I was really cold and low energy just a half hour before sunset, so I decided to turn around and not do the climb. Wanted to do a longer day involving night riding, but still felt this was a great ride to return to the training program after the snafus due to power outage.
Tue Dec 26 1 hour
Spin class, moderate pace. Should have done 4 hours in the rain as I had the day off from work.
Wed Dec 27 1 hour
Spin class. One helluva workout. Substitute instructor, Ruben, kicked EVERYBODY's BUTTS! The normal teacher Leanne totally rocks, so is not a fair comparison from excellent to excellent, yet I will definitely be looking for more sessions with Ruben.
Thu Dec 28 1 hour
Sent home early, so did Grand Ridge. Total time 2 hours 10 minutes. Trailwork time around an hour, ride time around an hour.
Fri Dec 29 ??? hours?
What did I do? I know I went riding, but being on vacation I neglected to log the ride. Penalty for bad bookkeeping, will not count the hours.
Sat Dec 30 1 hour
4.5 hours trailwork on Grand Ridge, then an hour of riding to look for my cell phone...
Sun Dec 31 2 hours
10 miles of Poo Poo point. Time is estimated cause I forgot to record start and end.

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