Sunday, December 17, 2006

Transrockies Week 4 Training (recovery week)

This was a recovery week, so not much riding planned, but a couple of snags along the way, just about brought the riding down. Wednesday nite I showed up for spin class and forgot my shorts. Doh! Afraid I would have to beat the ladies off with a large stick, I decided not to ride in my boxers (sorry ladies...), so I just called it a nite. Thursday was the beginning of the horror of the wind storm that knocked out power for the rest of the week.

The power went out almost 11 pm on Thursday. Too bad it didn't go out an hour earlier, as I had to endure watching a terrible defeat by the seahawks, major screwups in the last few minutes...

Mon Dec 11 -1 hour
spin class, light weights and high rpm.
Tue Dec 12 - 2.5 hours
Nite ride with Justin and Jon at Tokul West. Barely beat the huge rainstorm, so conditions were great. Finished shortly after 9 PM. Couple of climbs got the heart rate up to 175 briefly, which was good.
Wed Dec 13 - no riding
Thu Dec 14 - no riding
Fri Dec 15 - no riding
Sat Dec 16 - no riding
3-5 pm training seminar in Seattle with Herriot Sports Fitness
Sun Dec 17 - no riding

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