Sunday, January 28, 2007

Transrockies Week 10 Training

Total 4 hours biking and 2 days of telemark skiing.

Mon Jan 22 1 hr
Spin class. Worked hard, but a little unfocussed today. Sleep deprivation and long hours of work, I found myself drifting a bit. At least I caught myself at it, so would refocus and get back on it. Overall moderate intensity because alternating between high intensity and drifting off. I wonder what the instructor thought, it must be unusual to see someone kickin a** in the front row and other times going thru the motions.
Tue Jan 23 Day off. Date with Kristi. Wonderful girl, but did not work out, I found myself wishing I were on the bike instead of at a bar.
Wed Jan 24 1 hr
Spin class. Extremely high intensity. Wow. Lots of sprints. Lots of level 10 heavy gears. This was a great workout today.
Thu Jan 25 2 hours
Thrilla! Finally doing some outside riding.
Fri Jan 26 0 hrs
Drive to Whistler
Sat Jan 27 0 hrs (6 hrs skiing)
Telemark Ski at Whistler. Very icy.
Sun Jan 28 0 hrs (4 hrs skiing)
Telemark skiing at Blackcomb. Very icy.

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