Thursday, January 11, 2007

Snow day very bad for driving

I've declared winter officially over, but evidently I seem to be overruled by forces larger than me. Below is a force of nature opposed to the snow, Speedy is saying something to the effect of "WTF, stop screwing around and let me in!".
You know the expression "you can curse the darkness or light a candle"? Figuratively, I will do both. Curses cause I don't do 4+ hour bike rides in this weather, but will enjoy the snow by doing an easy bike ride around the neighborhood, just a short hour or so. I'll definitely be stoked when I go skiing soon at Alpental, and then Whistler the weekend of the 27th!
I am working from home this week, but annoyingly I wanted to run an important errand in Issaquah today. I may have to bail on the errand based on the mess you see below. Anybody want to count the cars by the side of the road? I counted 31, but two of the counts are dubious lumps of snow. Normally I would be driving past this section on my way to work. Not today...
I like these pictures, I think I captured the snowstorm from Wednesday rather nicely here. What direction is the snow flying? The original full size pics actually capture the snow flying better, but this is good enough for a web posting.

Needless to say, training this week involves using my indoor trainer with Spinervals.

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