Sunday, January 14, 2007

Transrockies Week 8 Training

Total 7 hours 15 minutes

Sucky weather put me indoors mostly. Getting into the groove for spin class, still hating the rollers, this time cause I moved them indoors and they vibrate too much. Tried Spinervals for the first time, makes up for the boredom of rollers. Thankfully Ethan suggested we hit some trails so I got out one day.

Mon Jan 08 1 hr
Spin class
Tue Jan 09 1 hr
Spin class
Wed Jan 10 1 hr
Spin class
Thu Jan 11 45 min
Rollers (with Spinervals!)
Fri Jan 12 30 min
Sat Jan 13 2 hrs
Lake Sawyer with Ethan. Fun times riding over crunchy snow and first twisty singletrack in a while. Really needed the outside time...
Sun Jan 14 1 hr
15 minutes on treadmill (does not really count as exercise...), then an hour of weightlifting focussing on legs only, then 35 minutes of high speed spinning on recumbent bike trainer. Did a lot of 1 minute sprints at 120-130 rpm, final sprint was over 150 and hit a high of 162 rpm. Fun to do such a high rpm, mostly impractical for real life. Since the weightlifting was focused on legs, I'll count that as half time.

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