Sunday, January 21, 2007

Transrockies Week 9 Training

Total 4 hours

Very low on hours of training. However, quality of the training is good. This week had zero benefit for endurance, as they were only 1 hour rides, but a good benefit was speed and intensity work.

Mon Jan 15 1 hr
Spin class, worked really hard, felt great.
Tue Jan 16 day off
Very stiff today, weightlifting of Sunday finally caught up with me.
Wed Jan 17 1 hr
Spin class. Moderate intensity. Worked hard, but without heart rate monitor to guide me I did not push as hard as other days.
Thu Jan 18 1 hr
Indoor trainer. Actually enjoyed it for the first time in a long time. Just gotta deal with the vibrations, and not so bad.
Fri Jan 19 day off, worked till midnite.
Sat Jan 20 day off, drove to Eugene
Sun Jan 21 1 hr
Road ride the hills of Eugene. Felt so strong it was as if someone were pushing my bike up the hills. It was funny to see a roadie going the other direction of the loop, and later on passing him again. He gave me the funniest look as if to say "how the hell did you get there so quickly". Hey, I may have a mountain bike with 6 inch suspension and a backpack so full I look like Quasimodo, but on a good day I can go fast. Unfortunately, had to cut ride short with just one loop as I was in Eugene to visit family.

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