Sunday, January 07, 2007

Transrockies Week 7 Training

Total 8 hours 45 minutes

Spin class workouts are great. Hating the rollers in the garage, major sensory deprivation. Hating the frickin weather and ANOTHER blackout Friday nite. Despite adversity, feels like I am making some strength gains. This weekend was fun doing a solo ride.

Mon Jan 01 day off no riding
Tue Jan 02 1 hour
Spin class with Jessica E.
Wed Jan 03 1 hour
Spin class with Leanne. Intense workout. Got to see Oslem again!
Thu Jan 04 30 minutes
Rollers in the garage. Hating life.
Fri Jan 05 1 hour
Rollers in the garage. Kill me. Stupid power outage just before midnite, at least it was an excuse to go to bed and the power was on by morning.
Sat Jan 06 4 hour 15 minutes
Rode almost to McClelum Butte, around 44 miles. See previous post for more interesting writeup. EXCELLENT Seahawks game afterwards, watched it with Ethan at my place.
Sun Jan 07 1 hour
Rollers in the house! Finally moved them indoors, much more enjoyable. Did 3 hours of trailwork with Erik, but much of it was walking so lets just call it two hours and not count towards total exercise hours. Erik lent me spinervals, that should help motivation with the rollers at home.

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